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"I remember reading ‘The War of the Worlds' and I remember reading the book which I had ordered in school through the Scholastic Book Club. [‘The War of the Worlds'] was a classic "Classic". I've seen the old and new movie versions of that H. G. Wells classic, but my vision of what a Tripod looks like is still in that comic book. The comic of ‘The Invisible Man' had better special effects than any film of the time."
Paradelle, March 2009
"Classics Illustrated are an old friend you didn't realise you missed until you come across them again. Bright and cheerful, they give a good overview of the classic work of literature they are taken from. If you love beautiful comic books, or if you want a range of comics that the whole family can enjoy, then you have to invest in these."
ComicShopVoice, February 2009
"As an introduction for children to classic works of literature they excelled in bringing classic stories to life with simplified but engaging storylines and captivating illustrations. The images brought colour and vigour to accompany the enduring quality of the stories themselves.

"I can still remember reading the 'Count of Monte Cristo' issue for the first time and being enthralled, then seeking out the full version of Dumas' timeless classic. I personally credit Classics Illustrated with instilling a love of reading and great literature that has remained with me my entire life."
LaterLife, February 2009

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